Public Procurement Law

Taking into consideration the continuous development of the market of supplies and services delivered to the so-called public sector, including supplies and services dedicated to projects co-financed with EU support funds, Dr Krystian Ziemski & Partners Law Firm Limited Partnership has established a team of lawyers responsible for comprehensive legal consultancy in the field of closing, executing, modifying and evaluating miscellaneous legal issues related to contracts subject to the conditions of the Public Procurement Law Act. The lawyers of this team have broad experience, particularly in the following areas of specialization related to the matter at hand:

  • legal assistance in assessing risks related to participation in specific tender procedures (evaluation of terms of reference and contracts, before closing and during execution of public contracts),
  • legal assistance in drafting specific inquiries regarding the wording of terms of reference, and all correspondence with the contracting entity,
  • executing legal security instruments envisaged in the Public Procurement Law Act, and representing contracting entities and contractors in proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeals and common courts of law,
  • issuing opinions regarding chances to participate in specific non-competitive contract procedures in view of the actual situation (including the issue of additional or supplementary contracts) and modifying provisions of public contracts,
  • issuing opinions regarding options to delegate the tasks of local government units to municipal companies to the exclusion of procedures arising from the Public Procurement Law Act(so-called in-house contracts),
  • issuing opinions regarding the requirement to implement the regulations of the Public Procurement Law Act in contract awards by entities with equity participation of public finance sector entities,
  • issuing opinions regarding the range of applicability of the Public Procurement Law Act in expending funds derived from EU assistance programs,
  • supporting the firm's principals in renegotiating public contracts with contracting entities or contractors, respectively.