Labor Law

We assist our clients in adapting their operations to labor law requirements while at the same time striving to optimize employment costs and supporting in management of legal risks involved in hiring employees and contractors. Within the range of this specialization, we will specifically handle issues in the fields of:

  • collective labor law,
  • individual labor law.

Collective labor law

For our clients:

  • we create collective bargaining agreements,
  • we support companies in group redundancy projects,
  • we prepare internal regulations, terms and conditions of employment, remuneration, and social benefits fund,
  • we act as representatives in negotiations with trade unions; we represent employers in group disputes and litigations.

Individual labor law

In the course of assisting our clients, we prepare and review:

  • management contracts,
  • employment contracts,
  • no-competition clauses,
  • agreements concerning liability for entrusted property.

We assist in mediating disputes related to hiring and dismissals or laying-off employees.