Service for Local Government Units

Local government units operate within the legal framework at a rate of intensity equal to that of businesses. We understand the diversity of legal issues encountered by local governments in their daily activities.

We provide legal assistance to local governments, particularly in the fields of the following activities:

  • construction and management of public roads,
  • electric, heat and gas supply,
  • project funding with community support,
  • property management,
  • municipal waste management,
  • community investment projects,
  • local public transport,
  • owner supervision,
  • housekeeping,
  • water and waste water management,
  • public procurement,
  • residential and commercial space resources.

Furthermore, employees of the firm conduct training courses for local government administration employees in the fields of the law which are within an area of interest to local government units, monitor recent amendments in valid legislation which are relevant to local government and publish articles concerning the legal aspects of local government activities.

With our specialists in diverse fields of law, we offer comprehensive, interdisciplinary and specialized legal service for communes, counties and provinces.

The group of lawyers in charge of the local government sector not only comprises specialists in constitutional, procedural and material law of local governments, but also lawyers competent in matters relating to civil transactions, tax laws in local governments, public procurement law, environmental protection law, etc. We have lawyers with practical experience among our specialists, as well as recognized research workers and lawyers who have been gaining experience in the organs of public administration.