Service for the Energy Industry

Employees of the firm provide legal assistance to energy operators and companies, with special consideration given to:

  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES), particularly the use of biomass and wind energy,
  • conventional energy production,
  • heat production.

We specifically assist our clients with legal and administrative issues related to energy laws before state administration authorities (including the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and the Energy Regulatory Authority), launching and proceeding with private and public investments in RES with special consideration given to biomass and wind energy implementation, and restructuring of power companies.

Furthermore, employees of the firm conduct training courses for entrepreneurs operating in the energy sector, monitor recent amendments in valid legislation which are relevant to the energy sector, and publish articles concerning legal aspects of energy and industry activities.

Deep knowledge of the realities of local government and the construction sector is our advantage relating to provision of legal assistance in pursuit of RES projects.